The Porsche 911 2.7 RS

For the record, this car almost never existed. The concept of the 2.7L RS still shakes up all the conventional rules of automotive marketing. In the early 70's, Porsche came out of a great time filled with victories and titles with its 917K Le Mans icon. Traveling through new horizons and wishing to create a car for "everyone", the brand is seeking to bring the already famous 911 into the grand touring category. Thus is born the Carrera RS, a model produced in 500 copies, simple, light and overpowering.

I like the "spec sheet" as much as the next guy but I prefer to address its aesthetics, smell and sound. Many spoke to me about this marvel, claiming that a youngster like me couldn't possibly understand it. Allow me a few words anyway, you might be surprised, who knows ? This type of car has the incredible power to make you feel nostalgic about an era you never knew. When opening the door, the smell of leather still in its juice, of oil and gasoline grabs you.

Everything seems so small and vast at the same time, especially because of the dashboard's purity. Nothing is superfluous and that's good, the best radio station is the one playing the melodious and round noise of the 6 flat cylinders purring as if you were under the rear cover. In addition to the engine's gentle sound, your eyes also get a treat. The interior, simple and robust, is the epitome of German minimalist charm.

As for the exterior, it's a splash of design madness that pays tribute to a colorful era. How not to fall for this famous "duck tail", that has been so often copied and re-used afterwards? The Carrera RS is straddling two eras. It is just the perfect balance between finesse and elegance, the broad and the robust. It offers a feeling of exceptional power in a chassis that truly seeks performance. Let's remind we are in 1973, a car of just 1000kg for 210hp is litteraly incredible. At the wheel, it is very easy to get caught up in the game. The images of Steve Mcqueen or Paul Newman quickly come to mind. (Yes, I also have the right references, I am probably a "young old man"!). Only one question teases me: "What mountain pass will I conquer? And is it open?". While driving, I somehow try to immerse myself in the context of 1973 to better grasp this jewel.

I put myself in the buyer's shoes, leaving the concession, the keys of this incredible car in my pocket. What are the other roaring cars of the time? Here's the key. What other cars contemporary of the Carrera RS have such a rational package of style and weight / power ratio? Porsche was the only one, the only brand to combine style, performance and weight / power in such a beautiful package. Thanks to its avant-gardism, the Carrera RS still shines today as one of the most popular 911. This car was lent to us by our friends from Porsche Geneva, whom we want to thank for their kindness and trust. What excites me the most in this crazy epic is the past, the story attached to it. A car coming out of the garage is beautiful, it's clean but completely impersonal. Not every old car becomes charismatic with age. It's like wine, some bottles you can't "open", others are corked. In contrast, the Carrera RS feels exactly right and opens wonderfully well, purring between 5000 and 8000 revolutions / minute. /