If you’re anything like us, you’ll be getting your fill on the ski slopes this year to make up for the lost 2020/21 season. But winter has more to offer than just black runs and raclette. In fact, to prove this we’ve taken the liberty of asking some dear friends where and how they like to spend their time when the air is chilly and the ground is snow-covered. 

This might come as no surprise, but my destination of choice for any winter is Zell am See in Austria. Having spent many winters there as a child, I’ve developed a sense of home for the region that I cherish till this day. Whether it’s an 8am run with the first cable car - built by Porsche Design as a matter of fact - on the local slopes or some fresh powder on the nearby Kitzsteinhorn glacier, skiing is the truest form of winter to me.

Visiting Zell am See means beautiful scenery paired with local heroes, such as my favorite hotels Schloss Prielau and Erlhof, and the restaurants Speisenmeisterei and Schloss Kammer. Winter in my second home also means that the GP Ice Race is around the corner, the most exciting time of the year, obviously. My team and I have come to Zell am See to bring back a historic race previously held on the lake. At the GP Ice Race, cars are celebrated as a cultural icon, bringing people together from all over the world, united through their passion. Come join us next year! 

Ferdinand “Ferdi” Porsche – Founder, GP Ice Race


For me no question the only place to be in winter is St. Moritz. Yes, there are mountains in the alps that have better skiing, or more skiable vertical meters, you name it - but no place on earth combines so much in such a small area. You have 5 of the world’s largest and most important art galleries within walking distance. You have 4 of the leading 5 star hotels on earth within walking distance. You have Olympic grade bobsledding, The Cresta Run, Cross Country skiing, ice skating, curling, and every other winter sport imaginable right next to each other. You have more Gault et Millau and Michelin Star restaurants per capita than anywhere else on earth. 

It’s a good life in St. Moritz, not to mention you are only 2 hours from Milan, and 5 hours from the Côte d’Azur by car.

Ted Gushue – Editor in Chief, Type 7/Global Ambassador, St. Moritz


Winter is the time of the year when the classics go back into their garage and get worked on for the next season. A time where people reconnect with their loved ones and a time of a lot of reflection of the past year. I absolutely adore having the cold season yet putting my car into hibernation does pain me. I however, undoubtedly find great pleasure in being outside during the cold temperatures. One of my favourite winter activities is to go skiing in the crisp air, hundreds of meters above sea level, and the best skiing destination I visited before the pandemic is Beaver Creek Colorado, USA.

I would like to accentuate that for me, a place is made by the people that are there, and I associate Beaver Creek with family and dear friends. The unmatched powdery snow and the scenery of the mountains however is a big plus!
There is nothing like the sensation of landing at Denver airport, renting a pick-up truck, putting the skis in the back and driving on the mountainous roads to winter paradise. Where one can not only have a marvellous time on the slopes but also dine finely due to the great array of restaurants and bars. If searching for fine European cuisine, restaurant Mirabelle always offers exquisite French duck and divine soups. On the other hand ,for an authentic American dining experience I can only recommend the Minturn Country Club –  their juicy steaks are most certainly worth the drive!

For the last two years however, I have greatly enjoyed going on weekend trips with friends to ski in the Alps, places such as St. Anton, Balderschwang or Zell am See are only recommendable!

As I mentioned previously, a place is made by the people you’re with!

Aloisa Ruf – Designer/Artist

Due to my job, I have no choice of destination for the winter. As Creative Director of St. Moritz, I can always be found in the alpine metropolis from December to February. But it's not exactly the worst place to spend the winter! If I needed a hotel here, I would go to the Suvretta House, a five-star hotel with over 100 years of history that still exudes a certain family atmosphere. I have a few favourite restaurants in St. Moritz, although I'd rather not recommend them too often, as it's already difficult to get a table on some days! For 8JS I’ll make an exception: my favourite restaurant is Peppino's in the clubhouse of the clay pigeon shooters just outside the centre of St. Moritz. It's a small hut at the edge of the forest, the food is great, the prices absolutely ok and the atmosphere is perfect. You can go there on Sundays in your bathrobe, in shorts after squash, but also have a nice business dinner there. 

St. Moritz is a place that has something magical. The events on Lake St. Moritz also contribute to that. After the Polo World Cup and the horse races, the classic car event The ICE will take place at the end of February. Although the event never really happened last year because of the pandemic, it is already internationally known and enjoys cult status. Come and you will have a lot of fun!

Fabrizio D’Aloisio – Creative Director, St. Moritz/Automotive Photographer