The Ocean Drive Collection

The Ocean Drive capsule is a state of mind and perhaps even a place in time. An era that, maybe for us, seemed a little simpler and certainly more elegant in its extravagancies.

For once we decided to create a capsule that could incorporate a mood and a lifestyle slightly off the racetrack. Whilst we always have racing and driving in mind, we wanted to create a line for the supercar lifestyle enthusiast, but not any. The vintage one.

I think being 80’s and 90’s kid growing up in Europe we felt the strong influence America had on our global culture at that point.

TV series like magnum PI and Miami Vice but not only, dictated somehow a certain “art de vivre”. It’s the palm trees, the humid air, the double yellow lines, the bikinis and the hair that we need to capture and translate these intangible emotions into a collection. 

"Ocean drive indeed is a real place. But it’s more than just a shoreline drive in Florida. It’s any road, anywhere with the right attitude and sound track."

For the t-shirts, the Hawaiian tropics girls at le mans were a great example of the freedom era. We’re in Le Mans, a place quite opposite of what Miami represent yet the feeling and mood could be made similar.

Another graphic tee was designed using key Art-Deco architecture details from the Miami landscape, and yes, Don Johnson’s Testarossa of course which greatly embodies the flair of this project.

Similarly, the polos with the iconic cars recall a certain Tom Selleck. The 80’s most famous moustache and his 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS.

Overall, a funky little capsule perfect for the summer days. Now play our matching playlist and feel those Coconut Grove vibes.