About Us

8JS was created by Sacha Prost, the son of 4-time Formula One world champion Alain Prost along with his brother Nicolas and sister-in-law Delphine. 

"One night the idea sparked among us. We thought to ourselves we weren't really moved by current automobile-inspired lifestyle brands.  So why not us? "

Five minutes later, 8JS was born...

Why 8JS? The name seeks to pay homage to eight drivers of the 1970's that marked the history of motorsports with charisma, style and talent.

Our Mission

Every garment is designed with driving in mind. From stretch fabrics, to sneakers to the way we construct our jackets. Getting in the car should be a pleasure. At 8JS, driving is the destination! Our understanding of sustainable is not having to through away a garment because it gets unsewn or out of style. An 8JS product leaves your wardrobe either if it is stolen, or given awy to charity.

Our mother always told us: “ Luxury isn’t about logos on belts. It’s quality and comfort” This is the most important value we have been striving for since 2013.