Few things are better than an impromptu drive through the mountains on a misty Friday morning. Whilst the 8Js team have been hard at work these past couple of weeks – in particularly following the release of the app – we’ve had to remind ourselves to take a break once in a while; Sacha saw his opportunity and took it.

A route planned for the Jura Mountains and a hot coffee ready for the road, the only decision Sacha had remaining was to pick a car. The best part!

The car of choice was the all-new Land Rover Defender 110 P400 (First Edition might I add), perhaps the most anticipated SUV of 2020.

With a couple of hours to spare before the pre-weekend grind, Sacha took the 395bhp off-road monster up the woodland paths to the 8Js cabin, just in time for a misty sunrise and a fresh coffee. Air suspension and Adaptive Dynamics made the car feel at home amongst the alpine forests, the V6 engine never failing to impress.

Able to cope seamlessly on road as well as off it, the new Defender will certainly attract the attention of city dwellers, and understandably so with its modernised appearance and hefty road presence. But as Sacha tells me, the car was truly born for tackling the untrodden path, and whilst his exact reaction would require the use of a bleep machine, without question he’s a pretty huge fan of the P400. We all are!

Getting lost when driving such a car is no issue, as our founder would tell you himself. It’s 2020, so unsurprisingly the new Defender is better equipped than its predecessors, providing an abundance of luxuries to enhance comfort for both the driver and passengers. Sacha decided to wear the JACK01. and BN02. for his quick drive, which are already available on the 8Js app, and will be arriving on the website very shortly. He can confirm they were perfect for the cool autumnal air, and so we’re super excited to share these with you.

All good things must come to an end, and this morning drive was no exception. Bringing the Land Rover back onto tarmac and driving down the Col du Marchairuz, Sacha headed for the 8Js HQ to get straight back into work. Break time’s over…