The Road: D2202 by MrJWW

The Road: D2202 - The ‘Red Rock Road’ – South Of France, Maritime Alps.

Car I would take: Porsche 991.2 GT3 (Manual)

I’m not sure you could dream up a road like this, so that fact it actually exists is a miracle in its self - this is one of my all-time favourite driving roads ever. It literally has everything: extreme beauty, a truly unique construction, plus it’s just an hour from Monaco, giving you the perfect exotic location to base yourself from. The actual road name is the D2202 but I christened it the ‘Red Rock Road’ because it’s a lot catchier, and obviously there is a lot of red rock!

The GT3 is a significant choice for two reasons. Firstly, the Red Rock Road has practically been designed to resonate exhaust notes off its cliffs, tunnels and walls and back into your ears; every step of the way is a sensory attack and the GT3’s exhaust note is something to experience. And secondly, the GT3 is my own car, and there is something truly special about experiencing these amazing and rare parts of the word in a car you own. The experience becomes imprinted on that car and so it’s like bringing a slice of that adventure home with you that returns with a special memory associated with it. The Red Rock Road follows the flowing contours of a river bed carved out by turquoise glacier water before steeply rising up in to the mountains. The rock formations are typical south of France creamy white stone until you reach the point where the strata in the rock immediately turns red, there isn’t even a phase of colour - it’s like mother nature’s way of indicating you’re about to begin the drive of your life! After this point the rock formation becomes elaborate, with tall pillars of natural stone peering over a grand-canyon like gorge! The inner-child in me cant help draw some comparisons to scenes of Jurassic Park!

From here is where the genius of the D2202 unfolds as it’s creators bored one way tunnels in the right spots so you never meet any on-coming traffic just as it’s getting fun. Tunnels also make for incredible exhaust amplifiers - needless to say you drive this whole road with the windows down absorb every resonance of flat-6 that bounces of the walls and into your ears. It’s got it all this road, the views, the curves, the insanely good scenery and back drops to keep a photographer busy for days! Be awesome - hit the Red Rock Road./