The 69' Ford Mustang Fastback 351

We are in 1969, the whole world is discovering freedom, rock and roll has just opened its wings as Claude François would say, and I am far from being born. But strangely, I feel deeply connected to this era.

Apart from my passion for music, fashion and the madness of this decade, it has given birth to something particularly dear to my heart, the Ford Mustang. That's why I would like to present you this 1969 car, the Mustang GT Fastback 351. It looks like Ford decided to put its development department under pressure in 1969: The Mustang has been released that year with no less than 10 different engines and 12 chassis configuration options. Even for an enthusiast like me, it verges on confusion. In summary, this "champagne gold" color Mustang (we will get into the color later), is not a unique model, nor even a rare one. It is right in the middle of the pack with its 5.8-liter Windsor V8 pushing some 290 horsepower. The 5.8 liters for noise and 290 horses for the straight lines between two stops. I don't disagree, in terms of engine and chassis, we were more at the forefront in Europe, but with about $ 3,000 in hand in 1969, you could leave the Ford dealership downtown with a brand new car ready to devour anything that comes across its path.

As soon as the Mustang came out in 1964, Ford hit the bull's eye with a car calibrated for youth. Elegant, compact (for the US, next to a Cadillac Coupé city, let's compare what can be compared) and muscular, the Mustang is a hit. This car is nothing extraordinary. And yet, I approach it like a child, a smug smile on my lips that I have a hard time hiding. I love all Mustangs. But the 1969 model with this more aggressive line particularly attracts me. We are fortunate to get one loaned for the day, for a photoshoot in nature. Our schedule is busy, but I have only one thing in mind, find myself behind the wheel of this icon.The Ford Mustang figures in an incredible number of action movies, as a vehicle of course, but also as a real actress. In John Wick, it really takes a decisive place in the heart of the scenario, when Keanu Reeves engages in his mad revenge. I want to hear this American star of the 60s sing.

The exterior color is champagne gold, the seats are champagne gold, the dashboard is champagne gold, the carpets are champagne gold. I just love it. The champagne gold color was fashionable at this time. It reminds me of one of my favorite guitars, the Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. I can almost hear Elvis singing Suspicious Minds while sitting comfortably on the beautiful leather seats, a much appreciated old American cars' feature. The part that I like the most about this model is of course its rear quarter. The very masculine and straight line makes it even sportier than its big sisters. I decided to shoot all the next cars under this angle, so I get a -maybe a little perverse benchmark of my auto scoreboard. The best moment comes, that of turning the key in the contact. It is true that a 5.8-liter V8 developing only 290hp is no feat for this model, but that, ladies and gentlemen, is where lies the true magic of the American dream. Why worry about the performance of a big block that is already propelling half of the US fleet? From the moment of ignition, you can almost hear the gas rushing through all the pores of the engine. This is what produces this boat sound and « cruise-like » comfort. If I already had a smile on my face, I now look like Daniel Ricciardo right after his victory in Monaco. Every car has its destiny and its vocation. Just find the right time and place to see it turn into a spring of happiness. For some, it's between the laces of Bernina, for others, it's when overtaking on the highway, for others still, it's the simple pleasure of parking it before your friends. This Mustang '69 is the sweet purr of the V8 rocking you as if you were aboard a ship sailing on Interstate 15 that leads from Las Vegas to LA.

As for the interior design, people knew how to give free rein to their imagination on the other side of the Atlantic.Compared, for example, to the mythical model of Bullit, the 68 Fastback, I'd say that it is less rock and more disco. I really appreciate the double dashboard, similar to that of the 65 Corvette Stintray, the clock in front of the passenger seat and the famous wooden steering wheel. Let's slow down to 3500 revolutions / minute, and at 80 Km / h, the car consumes "only" 20 liters / 100km. The window slightly down so I can better hear the sound of the engine, I feel the wind that gently puts my wick in place; I think it's time to write an article about this car that will always make me dream. And you, what do you think about it ? /