A long time coming, but it's finally here. We've been waiting quite a while to have 'GET IN' available on our website, but that wait is finally over. To formally introduce the book to our 8Js family, there isn't really anyone better than the photographer himself, Vince Perraud. He was kind enough to take the time to answer my questions and talk Porsche! 


Vince, it’s great to be able to talk to you. I wish this was in-person, but current times call for alternative measures!

Hey man! Cheers, yeah same here. I have to say this year is really weird… hopefully things will get better soon.


I’ve personally been following your work for a while now and I’ll say that I’m a huge fan. How long have you had a camera in your hand?

Aha thanks! Damn it’s been a few years now, something like 15. Time flies!


Your lens is always focussed on things of beauty, specifically; cars, nature, and of course models. Why do you think that is? 

Hmmm I wouldn’t say that it is all of the time (don’t get me wrong with the models and stuff!). I try to focus on light and the things that you don’t usually pay attention to. Light can sublimate stuff and I really like that! I used to shoot BMX bikers and skaters in sketchy streets back in the day, but for me that’s also beautiful! I think with cars I love those with patina, as if they have a story to tell…


You’re currently living in the coastal town of Biarritz, if I’m correct. What draws you to the west of France as opposed to the south?

Yes! I’ve been here for 2 years now, but before I moved, I was living in Marseille… I don’t know, I think I feel better in the south west, where it’s easy to relax and I have more friends around. When you are with people you appreciate, everywhere is nice!


I assume this summer was quite different for you, having to stay grounded for some time…

Honestly, I usually don’t shoot that much during summer, but this year was really busy! I travel more during winter, to cool destinations like Cali and South Africa. I start to get chilly around now, and I think this winter is going to be long!


And would you say that you’ve been able to adapt fairly easily to the ‘new normal’, or has the field of photography been quite hard done by?

Yeah I’m really lucky to live in a beautiful area in the Basque Country (when it’s not raining). I was really worried around March, but then lots of clients started calling again when everything began to reopen. Now everyone wants to shoot things again, so I can’t complain, even if we’re shooting a lot at home.


Earlier this week we were very excited to announce that your latest book, ‘GET IN’, is available from the 8Js website. Am I right in saying this is the first book you’ve published yourself?

Yes! It’s been a long-term project. I published it with the help of several others; Steph from L’ecurie and Intersection Magazine managed to produce everything, and we also got help from David at Praline Studio in London for the art direction. So huge thanks to them for their patience and professionalism!


When did you have the idea to create ‘GET IN’ and what’s the story behind it?

I started to shoot cars and models around 6 years ago. The work was quite varied to begin with. But around 5 years ago I was in Tokyo with Aaron Ross (pro BMX rider from Austin, Texas, and also Porsche driver). One night we saw a 911 parked in the street, and so of course I had to snap it. It was then that he told me I should do a book featuring all of my trips and the cars I had shot. So the project began just like that, very randomly, in the middle of Japan!


It’s fair to say the book has been hugely successful and has been met with great enthusiasm. Does this reaction from your audience and the collector community help drive you when thinking about the next shoot, or the next project?

Well I don’t know aha but yeah the first edition has sold out quickly despite all the mess, and protests in France etc. But I don’t know, I just try to do different things and bring new stuff to light. I can get bored super easily always doing the same sorts of things, but a good old sunset always works!


Porsche is certainly a running theme throughout, and one we definitely stand by! Have you always been a Porsche enthusiast, or is this a newfound love?

As a dude I’ve always loved car stuff. My dad took me to the French Grand Prix in 1994. I also have a good memory with him when we checked out a brand new ruby red 964 at the time. I like Porsche because it’s not too much, you can use them daily and they also have a sympathetic looking frog face (talking about the classics of course!).


That’s a great description! There’s also some input from Magnus Walker, one of the most iconic Porsche enthusiasts of today…

Yeah, I’ve been lucky to shoot and hang out with Magnus a fair bit. He always has some good stories to tell! And he deserves much respect for his knowledge.


You’re a busy guy, so before we close our laptops, I’ll ask you a few quick-fire questions to end with…

Aha it depends what they are!


Don’t worry, it’s an easy one; classic or modern cars?

I would say classic! But recently (as I’m getting older) I’ve started to like modern cars more.


What are you driving at the moment?

This week I was driving a Mini John Cooper Works. I was shooting for them ;) (modern car you know!) But I have a few cars of my own. First is a 1990 Porsche 944 Turbo 250. Everybody used to hate this car, so I got it pretty cheap! I kind of like the underdogs, and now the 80’s vibe is coming back. I like it because the trunk is big, so I use it as my deluxe utility vehicle. I’ve even gone camping with it!

I also have a 1968 Porsche 912 (cactus) because I wanted a SWB. When I bought it the car was crap! But I took apart everything, repainted it and welded new floors with my friend Johnny. Right now, the car’s in Lisbon at Timeless Garage undergoing a service to make it driveable and reliable once again!

I do technically have an Austin Healey from ’65, that I drive during the summer in Burgundy, where my parents live (but in fact it’s really my mum’s car). 


What would be your dream two-car garage?

Hard to say… I already like my cars, but I would say having a ‘71 911 ST or a ‘67 911 R would be quite something! Rough, stiff and brutal! Also, a recent GT3 or equivalent would also be cool.


And for the photographers reading this, could you tell us what you shoot with/your go-to set-up?

I’m extremely thankful to receive help from Fujifilm, so my daily set up is a Fuji XT3 with a bunch of different lenses. When I shoot a campaign, they let me borrow a GFX100 which is definitely my favourite camera. I also keep shooting film with some oldies like Pentax 67, Hasselblad, etc… 

 Credit: Thaddeus James

Finally, and perhaps the most exciting question of all; what’s next for you?

Work work work!! I have quite a few projects cooking right now, and hopefully I’m going to pick up the 912 soon! Why not shoot some stuff for 8Js too?!


Thanks Vince, I’m sure we’ll be working with you again very soon!



'GET IN' is now available from our website. You can find it here.